Our vineyard

Our vineyard is located in Fleurie on the hill of Montgenas, climate indexed by the INAO, about 300 meters above sea level, dominated by the Madonna. It continues on the town of Lancié for Beaujolais Villages white.

It enjoys an exceptional south / south-east exposure, and is sheltered from the westerly winds by the “Monts du Beaujolais”. At dawn, the first rays of the sun warm and illuminate the hillside. The situation at the middle of our vineyards, allows us to escape most often the spring frosts, the morning fog of the plain of the Saone, to take advantage of a maximum of sunshine and to drain quickly the possible excesses of rain.

It is a unique terroir, supported by a granite arena floor, a stone with pink tones found only in the Fleurie appellation.

Fleurie is made from Gamay grape and Beaujolais Villages Blanc is made from Chardonnay. On our vineyard, we find a balance of young (3 years) and old vines (over 70 years old)