Our reason for being

Taste everything, Live, Learn, Love, Leave a Legacy, Make your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dreams a reality with Domaine Pascalis de la Chaup

The Pascalis de la Chaup vineyard takes its name from our ancestors who acquired this vineyard located in Fleurie (69) in 1894. For us, the vine expresses all our dreams: Live, Learn, Love and Leave a Legacy. 

  • Live, increase tenfold the pleasure of our five senses, live intensely every day of life, have fun and enjoy each day of our life
  • Learn day by day, go beyond our limits and improve our knowledge of alchemy between the soil, climate and grappes to give life to unique wine
  • Love, experience unforgettable memories, emotions and share unique moments
  • Leave a Legacy, restore and develop biodiversity to sustain life and the eco-system and transform our century-old vineyard into eternity