Our Knowledge

On the vineyard, we practice two types of size: The classic size Beaujolais, goblet pruning, is used for the old vines: it consists in binding the branches by hand, in order to close the plant. For the newer, trellised vines, we realize a cordon size.

The harvest is exclusively manual to preserve the precious bunches and we carry out a selective sorting in the vine and at the arrival in cellar.

The vinifications are made from a Sélection Parcellaire (Single Vineyard Selection) and made with partial stalks and long macerations to obtain a Fleurie of character. Each year, we seek the right balance between the fruit of Beaujolais, and the structure of the wine, which allows to drink our young wines, but also after several years of care.

Our wines are aged partly in concrete vats or in old oaken barrels for reds and whites, for a minimum of 9 months to sublimate the aromas of the wines.