Fleurie Montgenas

The jewel of our vineyard, the Fleurie Montgenas is obtained from a strict sélection parcellaire (Single Vineyard Selection). It benefits from long aging for 9 months at least to give it all its finesse. It is bright red, intense, limpid and brilliant. In terms of aromas, it is characterized by various fruity notes (blackcurrant, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, currant, blueberry, wild blackberry, prune) and floral (iris, jasmine, peony, rose, violet). In terms of gusto-olfactory sensations, it presents a fresh mouth, rather moderate in alcohol and fine tannins.

The Fleurie traditionally accords with the local cuisine and we also recommend it as an aperitif to accompany cold cuts or truffle cheese and during a meal with a veal chop with porcini mushrooms, a fillet of beef or sweetbread.

The Fleurie 2018 has been selected and awarded with 1 star by the French wine guide, Guide Hachette 2021